~Gods Princess~ Announces New EP “Full Circle”

Music Vibes
2 min readFeb 13, 2023

“Full Circle” the new EP from gospel recording artist ~Gods Princess~ will be releasing this March 3rd of 2023. The name was inspired by her once pursuing music years ago, and putting it on hold, but now she is back better than ever to begin the journey again, which makes this is a full circle moment for her. The second reason this EP has been named ‘Full Circle’ is because it has four dynamic tracks that takes its listeners on a musical journey. All of the songs are combined to tell a story, that leads back to its origin, being FORGIVEN.

‘Forgiven (The Remix)’ is the first track, and was the first release off the ‘Full Circle’ EP. This song gives listeners insight into ~God’s Princess’~ experience of getting saved and tells others how they can get saved too. This is a fast-paced song with a hip-hop vibe, where ~GP~ shows off her rapping and vocal skills. After someone gets saved or forgiven, they have to learn to allow God to be a lamp unto their feet.

‘Full Circle’ is not just an EP, it is a musical formula for its listeners on how to get saved and stay saved! This EP could not have manifested without the musical assistance of William Bryant III. This collaboration helped ~God’s Princess~ tell her personal stories in song form to help others reach ‘Full Circle’ moments in their own lives. William produced tracks for ‘Lamp Unto My Feet,’ ‘Crucify My Flesh’ and ‘Edit My Life,’ which he co-wrote and is featured on. From start-to-finish, ‘Full Circle’ does not disappoint!

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