Artist Spotlight: ‘OuterSpaceAce’

Boise Idaho based artist OuterSpaceAce, is a unique hip-hop artist that always seems to leave a stamp on his audience with his diverse arsenal of music. Auto tune or no tune, it never matters with him he still stays true to his hip-hop roots delivering punchlines, and metaphors that you’ve never heard before. He has worked with a few major recording artist such as Glasses Malone, Larry June, and MTV Jersey Shores very own, JWoww. From the US to the UK he has always worked in close partnership with MoneyManDvn (dan), an upcoming artist from Basildon, Essex in the United Kingdom. OuterSpaceAces most known song on Spotify is a trendy, catchy, song titled Quarantine & Chill with over 200,000 streams across all platforms. The music video, shot by Mask Vision, an independent video production company from Boise Idaho, adds a futuristic and clever spin on the current events we face today. OuterSpaceAces special talent is being able to embrace various music styles and adding his own touch while doing it. Don’t be surprised when you start to see this artist climbing to the top! Follow him on social media below for all updates.


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